Local Organising Committee:

Chair & Programme: Edmund Clarke

Email: Edmund Clarke

Tel. +44(0)114 222 5818

Programme: Robert Richards

Email: Robert Richards

Exhibition & Sponsorship: Kenneth Kennedy & Saurabh Kumar

Email: Ken Kennedy

Email: Saurabh Kumar

Tel. +44(0)114 222 5212

Website & Publicity: Timothy Roberts

Email: Tim Roberts


Programme Committee:

Symposium A: Physics in Semiconductors

Wolfgang Langbein (Cardiff)

Brian Gerardot (Heriot-Watt)


Symposium B: Optical Devices

Peter Smowton (Cardiff)

Stephen Sweeney (Surrey)


Symposium C: Electronic Devices

Mohamed Missous (Manchester)

Merlyne De Sousa (Sheffield)


Symposium D: Semiconductor Materials and Nanostructures

Amalia Patane (Nottingham)

Robert Young (Lancaster)


Symposium E: Mid-IR and THz

Edmund Linfield (Leeds)

Tim Ashley (Warwick)


Symposium F: Organics, Hybrids & Perovskites

David Lidzey (Sheffield)

Graham Turnbull (St Andrews)

Piers Barnes (Imperial College London)


Symposium G: Wide-gap semiconductors

Peter Parbrook (Tyndall Institute)

Kean Boon Lee (Sheffield)

Rob Martin (Strathclyde)


Symposium H: 2D materials

Alexander Tartakovskii (Sheffield)

Daniel Wolverson (Bath)