UK Semiconductors 2016


The plenary speakers for UK Semiconductors 16 were:

  • Professor Andrea Fiore: (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands) – Nano-opto-electro-mechanical Systems Based on III-V Semiconductors
  • Professor Russell Dupuis: (Georgia Tech, USA) – The Growth and Properties of III-N Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Devices OR An Anorak’s Guide to the Practical Use of Aluminium, Eka-Aluminium and Noxious Air
  • Professor Anna Fontcuberta i Morral: (EPFL, Switzerland) – III-V Semiconductor Nanowires and Related Heterostructures
  • Professor David Mitzi: (Duke University, USA) – Perovskites Semiconductors: Opportunities for Photovoltaics and Beyond.

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